Friday, July 5, 2019

Best vacation ever: Day 8 Alaska

Best vacation ever: Day 8 Alaska

7 a.m. wake up..ahhhh. Knock and coffee by our guide for the day, Augie.

Barry and I met Augie at the entrance circle, where our three kayaks were strapped to a trailer, ready to go.

Sort of...

Augie was running a little late because the ratchet straps were misplaced. He explained that he only had one to use, which could be trouble.

Sadly for Augie, it was. In order to get to our planned kayak on Hidden Lake, we had to enter the Kenai Wildlife Refuge, and traverse mostly gravel roads. Bump, bump, bump, stop, readjust kayak strap, bump bump stop...poor Augie. Augie stayed super calm and although Barry tried to help, really Augie figured out how to secure them and we made it to the launch. He called Great Alaska and they located who had snagged the straps, so they were going to send someone out to drop off extras. Yay for a stress-free ride back to the lodge.

Here's the photos. WOW. We kayaked out to the second island, had lunch with the butterflies, and paddled back out on a beautiful, phenomenal day - about 4 hours on the water. Perfect.

Tomorrow to Denali with Josh II. 

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